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If you would like to tell us a little about what you have been up to, e-mail it to us and we will post it on this page.  Keep checking back for new postings

Michelle (Gallant) Mitchel wrote on July 16:  Just celebrated 20th wedding anniversary with husband Parker. Daughter Danielle, 19, recently graduated from Georges Valley High School and is looking forward to a year of working and planning her future studies.

Kept busy all these years working for the State of Maine, Dept. of Human Services in Rockland. Held many interesting positions during my 30 years there but finally returned to the most satisfying and enjoyable one - data entry for the Bureau of Children's Services.

Previous hobbies included showing Buckskin horses and then helping to run the shows for many years. After moving to Thomaston in 1990 we sold all the horses, equipment, etc and settled down to raising something easier and less expensive - dogs! We currently have three, which keeps us pretty busy and satisfied. Hobbies now are reading, flower gardening and traveling. Our favorite vacation spot is, of course, Disney World in Florida - the only place you can become a kid again! We have driven to Florida three times, taken the Amtrak once, and this year we are going to try flying.

Looking forward to seeing old friends again.

Sue (Levensaler) Berry wrote on July 15:  I have worked in federal law enforcement for over twenty years. First in New York City and now in Washington DC. I live in Northern Virginia with my dog Max.

Dana Ayers wrote on July 14:  God! Three weeks! I suppose I should have finished this a couple of months ago when I started it! I've got to start attending those Procrastinators Anonymous meetings again.....Anyway, a short bio for those that won't be able to make it and an image to help those that will. Please feel free to publish the e-mail address, see you on the 3rd.

What Ive been up to the last few years:

Although the hair is quite a bit shorter and somewhat grayer than 30 years ago, its not as gray as it shows in the picture. Honest, it was the lighting!

Married once, divorced once, no kids.

Been spending as much as possible of the last six years with Becky and her children, Ashley (UMO 02) and Josh (Belfast Area High School 08). Weve been going out to the White Mountains of Arizona for a couple weeks each Spring to visit her Dad. Beautiful country, a lot like Maine. The fire there this summer was devastating to the area, but her Dads place came away unscathed, by 2500.

I'm living in Union - had to get out of the city - in a small farm house Im renovating as time and funds allow. Leisure time activities of hiking, fishing, hunting, swimming (on those three days you can around here), learning to x-country ski, playing tourist, Isnt it nice how they all park their boats pointed the same way? and most of all, napping, keep me busy when not at work, which has been at the local water utility since May, 74.

Linda (Croes) Hustus also wrote on July 13:  Hi-didn't receive anything to RSVP-have no idea that there was going to be a reunion. Stats: Married, Emergency room RN, instructor., girls field hockey ref, raising and training Appolossas. No gray hair, no extra pounds!!! My husband Larry is a dairy farmer. All is well-Linda R. Hustus (Croes) 

Janice (Brown) Baxtrom wrote on July 13:  Bob, if you're still posting pictures, you can access my family pix at  and no, that is not a typo. And don't laugh at my web page, I had one morning to do it for a class assignment. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.

Ron Hawkins wrote in July:  I am disappointed I can not be there this time. My best regards to everyone. I am sailing the 90' schooner Alabama out of Martha's Vineyard this summer, doing educational programs for 8th grade to college age.

Alan Myers wrote on June 28th:  I retired from the Air Force in June 2001 at Langley AFB in Virginia.  In June of last year, I accepted a Position at Pratt & Whitney in Connecticut where we reside in Vernon.  The kids are grown and out of the house, far too quiet!!  We look forward to our grandchildren.  We have 3, ages 7, 4 and 2 months. The August 3rd date is not good, due to we have family from overseas during period.  Wish we could be there!!  Enjoy!!

Holly (Baker) Smith wrote on June 27th:  Teaching high school art and photography.  Painting in the summer months.  We have one daughter Katie in graduate school in Savannah Georgia.  Another daughter, Alisa, is at the Culinary Institute of America CIA in New York.  I also enjoy sailing in the summer months. 

Brian Abshire wrote on June 26th: Hey Bob!

How are you? I just got an email note from Jill Goodwin with your URL. Great job on the web-site. Funny to think our TWENTIETH reunion is coming up (yeah I know self-deception, but do you really want to admit that we are all that old! :-)

Let's see, since the last time I saw you, things have changed a bit.

1973-78 I served in the USAF where I met my wife Elaine while stationed at RAF Lakenheath in England. We were married just a few months before I got out.

1978-80 I finished up a BA at Bethel College in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

1980-82 I did graduate work in theology at Bethel Seminary and then Talbot seminary in Los Angeles.

1983-1988 I was a post-graduate student in sociology of religion at Lancaster University, England. Eventually finished a Ph.D. (piled higher and deeper). Also got my first book published around 86.

1989-92 I pastored Littlefield Memorial Baptist Church in Rockland (came home because my Mom had a serious heart attack).

1993-98 I finished two Master's degree programs while pastoring Lakeside Church in Milwaukee. I also became a part time staff member at a think tank in California which gave me the opportunity to travel in Africa, Asia, Australia and other exotic places, sharing my ignorance. But I did have an opportunity to do some writing and my essays are still all over the net.

1998-2000 I briefly went full time with the think tank to do some serious research and writing. We lived in Modesto, California.

2000-present, I accepted a call to Highlands Reformed Presbyterian Church here in Spokane. I also now am acting president of the International Institute for Christian Culture which works primarily in Africa with academics and politicians.

Elaine and I will have been married 25 years next April. We have six children; the oldest is 15, the youngest 6.

None of my publicity photos are recent but as soon as the new ones are finished I'll post one. Never know when someone needs new backing for a dart board.

Anyway, again; good job on the web-site.

I do not think I will make it back for the re-union or not. I am supposed to be going to South Africa sometime in August or September and hate to be away from the family any more than necessary.

But please give my warmest greetings to any who may remember me, though Lord knows, why should they! :-) (Besides the statute of limitations ought to apply anyway...)

Lord bless

Brian A

PS Since you work for a liquor company, any chance of a deal on a good single malted scotch? :-)

Mary (Spirio) Killinger wrote on June 24th:   Life for my husband and I has not changed a whole lot with the exception of both of us returning to school and receiving our degrees. Mine is a BSN and my husband's is a Bachelor of Arts in communication. He now works for the City of Dunedin, Florida and I am still at the same hospital where I have worked for the past 19 years. We did adopt a female English Bulldog last year. She is just wonderful. Have done some traveling, which is our goal in life. Nothing too exotic yet. It's still hard to get time away from work. We won't be coming home until December, when we'll spend Christmas with my father. It will be my first holiday in Maine in 27 years. I told my dad to make sure he ordered snow for the week we'll be there. Hope everyone enjoys the reunion, it sounds like a lot of fun.

Debra Roberts wrote on June 23rd:   Thanks for sending me the note about the reunion. I would really like to come and am in the process of making arrangements. I live in Savannah, Georgia and have been here since 1975.  It is good to know that other members of the class are here also...who are they? I heard that Delores Doucette lives here but have never seen her. Please let me know...would love to look her up.  I am a registered nurse and have a small home health business. I have two grown daughters and an eight year old who is adopted.  I also have three adorable grandchildren.  I usually vacation in Maine every summer for a week or two renting a cabin on Norton's pond.  I am coming in August this year and would love to attend the reunion.  Please keep me informed.  Attached is a recent photo of me and my oldest daughter Dawn.

Kim (Hodson) Whitney recently wrote:   Not much has changed for me since our 25th! I am still working in our school district, traveling to three schools, teaching K-3 library. I really enjoy the 5-6 year olds and find 7 + 8 quite a challenge! My son Blais is now 11, my daughter Kaylia is 13. David and I and kids still live in Cornish. Gardening is my favorite pastime and I'm sometimes know as Miss Pumpkins of Cornish as I will plan a garden here or there!

Can't wait to August 3rd!

Steve Koegle wrote on 6/19/02:   Would love to attend the reunion, but must go back to work. I sustained a fracture of the femur bone, far enough below the hip ball-joint where I just got pinned--seven week of recoup time at home. This happened at the 23rd mile of the Cincinnati Marathon on May 5th. I now have recovered enough to return to Bermuda then on to Santo Domingo. Hell, its tough learning how to walk again. My goal of running one marathon a year for the rest of my life has been put on the back burner. Ok, Ok, I know this is not a good enough excuse to forego the reunion, but it will have to do....

Enjoy the reunion, (do doubt the party animals will show), hope to be there at the 35th or in Camden before 2007. Regards, ex-runnersteve

We recently received the following notes:

 Wayne Wiley wrote:   Married with two children and two grandchildren. Residing in Florida and working as a turbine mechanic.

Marlene Baird Collemer wrote:   Divorced in 1994. Engaged since 1999. Have moved to Waldoboro.  Enjoy country living with a pond on our land."

Jeff McLain wrote:  I have remarried in 1998. I have two kids from previous marriage and have a step-daughter from this marriage.

I also changed jobs and now I'm a food broker with a company out of Massachusetts, We deal with Food Service companies from New York to Northern Maine. My office is out of my house. I also built a new house in Gorham and have enough room for my folks to live with me."

Dana Ayers sent the following on 5/8/02:  I've got to run to a meeting, so this is too brief, but thought you'd like this image.  I knew I saved the damn thing for 30 years for a good reason!   


Sharon (Vargas) Hanley writes on 5/1/02:  Hi all. Compared to many of you, my life is a simple one at this time. My husband, Ted and I retired early due to his health. Between 1996 & 2001, we lived in Florida and spent summers at our home in Rockport. Ted is now on dialysis which as made travel more difficult. So this year, we sold our homes in Florida and Rockport and bought a condo in Scarborough. We like the Scarborough area. It is close to our kids and their families, Ted's doctors, many nice restaurants and great shopping. Our grandchildren's ages range from 6 to 11. We enjoy spending time with them. We attend baseball games, karate classes and numerous school activities. My hobbies include genealogy and the game of bridge. I also like to walk and work out in the gym. It is hard to believe that it has been 30 years! I am looking forward to seeing you at the reunion.

Steve Koegle writes on 4/3/02:  Sitting here in Hamilton, Bermuda for the last four months, putting the final touches on the start-up portion of the Security Upgrade on the U.S. Consulate--construction starts, fingers-crossed in two weeks. Moving to Santo Domingo next week to do the same. at the U.S. Embassy--will be there a year; thus, will not be able to make the reunion.

Jill Goodwin writes on 4/1/02:  I seem to be on the ten year plan as far as jobs go. I worked for CMP for about ten years, then switched over to work at Mathews Bros. for almost ten years, and now have been working with my father for about three years. (Seven more to go!!) My title at Monroe & Goodwin is operations manager, but who knows what that means! Sometimes I'm head go-fer, sometimes I'm estimator, sometimes I'm kitchen designer, and sometimes I'm receptionist. As many of you know who work in small businesses, you do what you've got to do!

I still live in Belfast (have been here for almost 18 years.) This community is really home to me now. I can't say enough nice things about where I live. I love my house (even if I still haven't got the kitchen remodeled yet), love my neighborhood, and love being a part of Belfast.

Besides work, I keep busy with the Belfast Rotary Club and the Mid-Coast Builders Alliance. (I seem to have the word secretary etched on my forehead - I can't think of an organization that I've ever belonged to that hasn't roped me into that office for at least a year or too!) With the Alliance, I've recently been learning the importance of legislation and am learning a little more about lobbying than I thought I'd care to know.

Other than that, things are pretty much the same. It's just me and my cat, but we're both content!

Toni Goodridge writes on 3/31/02:  My weekdays are spent working at the office of Merryspring Nature Park and Learning Center in Camden/Rockport.  Husband, Richard, lobsterman of 20 + years, is in the process of expanding his wintertime tree business.  Kids, active and growing, include Lara, a Syracuse University freshman; Ben, a junior at CHRHS; Luke, a sophomore; and Lani, a fifth-grader.   Just as I think my life has passed its busiest point, I note that weekends are still spent taxiing, bookkeeping, doing laundry, cleaning and cooking.  Happiness is: running, Saturday tea with my mother and sisters, finding quiet time to read, a once-a-month poker game with the ladies, escaping for a week or two each winter to a warm, sunny place (like Zihuatanejo), summers filled with gardening, and a family camping trip to a favorite island in Penobscot Bay.  Current interests include learning about genetically modified foods.

Bob Bailey writes on 3/31/02:  I've been so busy keeping this web site updated, I never added any notes about what I have been up to.  I am still in Anchorage, Alaska and am Operations Manager for Alaska Distributors Co.  We are a liquor, wine and beer wholesale distributor.  I am in my 21st year with the company.  I started with them in 1977, moved back to Maine for a few years in 1979, and have been back in Anchorage since January of 1983.  In 1985 I married Ronda Bogue and in 1992 our daughter, Jessica, joined the family.  I have run for public office a couple of times (unsuccessfully I might add) and I am active in many business and community organizations.  We enjoy traveling in our motor home, both in Alaska, and in the "Lower 48".  If you want to see some of the things we have been up to,  visit our family web site at  We keep this site updated so my family in Maine and Ronda's family in California can keep tabs on what we are up to, but anyone is welcome to visit it.  I look forward to seeing everyone in August.  There, now that I have added my "two cents worth" to this page, there's no excuse for others not to do the same.

David Getchell writes on 1/23/02:  Am still in Camden (one of few remaining vintage '72 actual locals), now working at Maine Boats & Harbors magazine.  Am still a rabid skier, just like Ski Team days at CRHS. Bike raced and ski raced at UMO, eventually graduated w/Journalism degree in 1982. Have done years of magazine work (Small Boat Journal, Canoe mag, Backpacker mag, AMC Outdoors, etc) and lots of TV production. Made a bunch of independent documentaries. Was producer for two PBS outdoor-adventure series--Trailside and Anyplace Wild--more than 100 shows shot all over the globe. Climbed stupid ice mountains in Scotland, went into caves in Belize, skied heavenly powder in Sierra, canoed fur-trade routes to Hudson Bay, kayaked to scene of Exxon Valdez oil spill 10 years afterward in Alaska, etc etc. Great work if you can get it...glad to be semi-retired (yah, right!),  off the road (often traveled 150 days a year for 10 years) and back in Camden for good.

Married to Annie (Wisconsin lass, we met on a beach near Seattle) for 14 years children, one Springer Spaniel pup, and a backwoods cabin in Appleton. Latest distraction from supposedly adult life: Racing rally cars in Sports Car Club of America's ProRally series--otherwise known as hurtling down obscure, twisty forest roads at 80 mph hoping we don't fly off a jump and land on the roof. No, I still haven't grown up, and don't plan to anytime soon.

Current photo attached...feel free to post this stuff on site.

See ya in August, can't WAIT to see all the old Class of 72 characters. Boat cruise sounds excellent, though we oughta start in Camden Harbor, cruise to Rockport and end up back at the Public Landing, all quite inebriated...sort of like our yearbook picture on the schooner....


Dell Hyssong writes on 1/4/02:  Our family moved back to Rockport eight and a half years ago. I am the pastor of the West Rockport Baptist Church which has grown by almost 10 times the size it was when we started. My wife Susan (married 25 years), son Richard ( graduate of Camden Hills Regional High School) and I sing together all over the Eastern United States. We record in Nashville and have just released our fourth album.

Mike Morong writes on 12/31/01:  I am in my 26th year of teaching at Bonny Eagle Middle School....doesn't seem possible.  I saw Faith Vautour last reminded me of what an influence that she, along with Bruce Buxton and Peter Hope, had on my desire to teach history.  I also got my Real Estate license 4 years ago....I work for Coldwell Banker in Standish.  Since I have had over 3000 students who are now of home buying age, it is a great "extra" job.  I am a licensed auctioneer...always loved to talk, as you know, and I am the Athletic Director at our you can see I'm pretty busy!!  I hope this e-mail finds you well....would love to hear about what you are doing....e-mail when you get a chance.